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I'm Michelle. I am 25 and live in sunny (or not) Somerset. I am mummy to my daughter Betsy, who, despite being the most gorgeous girl in the world, is actually a little bit of a thug. We stumble along this bumpy road of toddler tantrums and motherhood together, neither of us really knowing what we are doing. I recently became a single mum. This is us!

My blog is about the highs and lows of parenting. Mainly lows. motherhood is not something that i found came naturally to me, i struggled a lot in those early days and i still do now, almost two years down the line. This is my little space to just vent and get everything out. In the hope that anyone else in a similar position might find it helps. 

I suffer with depression and anxiety, and i blog a lot about how this affects me and Betsy. 

I have a tendency to waffle. 

I honestly have no answers to anything, but i am always willing to listen to anyone who might be having a right shit time. God knows i could have done with the same thing in the past. So if your child is driving you nuts or you feel like you have hit a metaphorical brick wall of parenting, feel free to have a moan!

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