Monday, 23 February 2015

#100BloggingDays Day 6 - Sickness

Today has been a shit day. In fact, the weekend has been shit too. I was very close to breaking point at the end of last week, and was very much looking forward to Ashley being home at the weekend and us to be able to have some family time. So of course, such is our luck, he was ill. I know he couldn't help it, it's just one of those things. He spent the whole weekend in bed, high temperature, coughing, aching. He isn't one to milk it, he isn't ever ill. This is probably the worst he has been in all the time we have been together. Today he went to the doctor's and was told he has a chest infection, which combined with his asthma is pretty pants for him. I do feel awful for him.
And today Betsy has been unwell too, high temperature, lethargic, sleepy. She has had bouts of energy throughout the day, but mainly she has sat with me on the sofa. It has been lovely to have cuddles with her, but also sad seeing her so unwell. She also has a cough, it sounds awful. A trip to the doctors tomorrow I think.

Then there is me. Well I don't think I have whatever
Betsy has, although I do have a bit of a sore throat and headache. I am just totally exhausted, completely and utterly. Betsy has been sleeping awfully lately and the early starts and nights of being kicked and head butted because she is in our bed are starting to take their toll. I love her to bits but Christ is she hard work sometimes. I have been desperately trying to keep my depression at bay too, I've mostly just got on with things because I haven't had any choice. But I am so worried that once Ashley is better and things are back to normal I am going to fall apart. These last couple of days have made me realise how enormously I rely on him, to help with Betsy, to help around the house, and just to help in general. To keep me going.
It has been so very hard!


  1. Well done on keeping up with the blogging! Wishing you all a speedy recovery xx

  2. Us mums have it so hard, don't we?! I feel your pain.
    Sending lots of get well wishes.
    By the way Betsy is gorgeous, your doing a cracking job x

    1. Ah thank u so much!
      We definitely do, I'm praying I don't come down with it too coz then we are stuffed! Xxxx