Friday, 22 January 2016

Me and my one

I have been iffing and butting about posting on here. I felt like i lost my blogging mojo for good a long time ago and nobody would be interested in what i had to say. I wasn't sure i would even know what to write on here anymore. I read some of my most popular and favourite posts back. So much has happened these last few months and i feel completely detached to some of my previous posts. It all feels different but the same. 

I started my blog because i wanted somewhere i could go to vent. Somewhere i could just be totally honest and not worry about what people might think or say. Initially it was just something to do, but i quickly saw it a bit like a form of therapy. It helped me so much. I was able to explain things about myself to those closest to me that i would never have had the guts to say otherwise. It helped me to realise that i wasn't alone with how i felt, that i wasn't abnormal. 

I'm in a totally different place now to where i was a year ago, and i cannot believe how much has changed. I never ever would have imagined i would be living by myself with Betsy and actually coping! Enjoying my time with her, no longer counting down the hours till bedtime. Well, at least not as often as i was! I feel more confident in my abilities to look after her. I am happy when she is with me, i miss her when she is not. I am so proud of everything she does. I go out with her, i do things with her that i never used to feel able to do. Things that to other people seem silly and completely insignificant, but to me, with all my 'issues' and anxieties, are huge.

I am finally enjoying being a mummy. 

I am completely and utterly ashamed to admit that i didn't used to like it very much. Those closest to me as well as regular readers of this blog will know that, and will know how much i have struggled with things. Whilst i have of course always loved and adored every part of my daughter, i didn't really like my new role. I just couldn't ever get to grips with it, with how much of a huge unimaginable responsibility it was. I couldn't cope with all of the doubts and fears i had about myself. I remember at times feeling like she deserved so much more. Feeling like i was failing her incredibly, and i couldn't do anything about it. So many times i came so close to asking her Dad to take her from me. 

The last couple of months i feel like something has been switched on inside of me. Something has changed. I have no idea what, but something has shifted, and i have a slightly different perspective on everything. 

Me and Betsy have a bond unlike anything i ever had nor ever will have with anyone else. It is a complete cliche but she really is my one and only reason to carry on. I have had so many horrible horrible times these last few months, and she has been my constant. It is incredible how much i rely on her, and how much she lifts me without even realising it. How someone so small and stubborn can have such a powerful effect on me. I cannot put it into words. But i suddenly feel like everything is fine. I suddenly realise that as long as i have her, nothing else in the world matters. 

I hate that i have lacked this feeling for so much of her life so far. I hate it. I am ashamed and appalled. I think about all those times i wished her babyhood to go away. All the times i never appreciated those sleepy cuddles at 3am. All the times i just wanted her to be content and play with her toys by herself for once. To just leave me alone, to just stop needing my attention every minute of the day. 

If i could i would go back to day one in a heartbeat, and i would start again. I would cherish every single second of it. I would take none of it for granted. I would be the mummy that she has always deserved. Instead, i just need to be the mummy she has always deserved from now on. 

She is the reason i wanted to continue this blog. To let anyone else who feels the way i used to feel know that it really does get better. So much of this so far has been so negative. And i am sure there will be more to come too. We all know that no matter how lovely everything seems to be, there will always always be horrible days. But for the most part i just want this to be somewhere i can reflect on everything with her, and write down my worries rather than letting them affect me and in turn, her. Somewhere i can continue to vent, but also, for the first time, write about how wonderful it is to be a mummy to my gorgeous, beautiful little lady. 

Who still drives me insane every single day. 

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