Friday, 1 May 2015


Since having Betsy I have found that I spend less and less time on my appearance. Although I have never been a massive make up girl, I would tend to stick to what I knew; concealer, foundation, blusher and mascara. Nowadays if I slap on a bit of BB cream and brush my hair then it's a good day. This doesn't massively bother me, as to be honest I feel like the time it would take me to apply some actual make up could be better spent doing something more worthwhile like drinking a hot cup of tea! However, i feel that the situation might need to be addressed.

Since I live in a tiny town, I tend to stick to brands that I know I can find in my high street. We have a little Boots and Superdrug, so it's usually along the lines of Rimmel, Maybelline, Barry M etc. All the brands you find down the make up aisle basically. And while these do the job, i decided i wanted something a little more long lasting.

Knowing nothing about make up, I decided to visit a Benefit make up counter. My sister in law booked me a make up lesson, and her and my mother in law came with me. I was a bit apprehensive, as I always imagined the staff who worked on these counters to be a bit pushy and intimidating, however the girl who was doing my make up was anything but. She was so lovely and friendly and make me feel so comfortable. She asked what I had in mind for how I wanted to look and I had no clue. All I knew was that I didn't want to look caked in make up. She cleansed and moisturised my face and got to work. She used some fabulous concealer and under eye cream to cover up my humongous bags. I don't really have spots or anything but do have problems with redness and dry patches. She introduced me to the wonder that is powder foundation. I was shocked by the coverage I got from this, I tend to stick to a liquid foundation and then a setting powder. The powder foundation felt amazing on my skin, really light as if I was wearing nothing, and was super quick and easy to apply.  

As I tend to just wear mascara and sometimes eyeliner, she didn't want to do anything to much on my eyes. She applied a subtle shimmery light coloured eyeshadow, then a light golden colour along my lash line and in the outer corners of my eyelid. I never ever wear eyeshadow so I wasn't sure at first but the more I looked at it the more I loved it! She used a brown eyeliner which again is something I never use, I always stick to black. I loved the brown though, it really complimented the eyeshadow. Next was my mascara, which I hate applying. I make the most ridiculous mess of my face, i shock people with the amount of mascara i end up covered in, and as i like to use waterproof stuff it then has to be scrubbed off... total nightmare. I tend to push the wand up against my lash line and then zig zag it all the way to the end of my lashes. She showed me a much less aggressive way of applying it!

She applied my blusher, and used a pinky/gold shade to go with my eyeshadow. Then highlighter, and I realised I had been putting it in totally the wrong place my whole life. She explained everything to me as she went, and answered any question I had, regardless of how silly they were!

And that was it! I was so impressed! She wrote out all of the products she had used and left me to decide what i wanted to buy. My lovely sister in law treated me to the eyeshadows, and i bought the powder foundation and the under eye concealer. I had a voucher for John Lewis so ended up only paying about £20 for it all! I still have the list incase i decide to go back at any point and buy a few more bits. 


  1. Aw love it, you look really pretty xx

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