Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The A-Z of Me!

I have been tagged by the lovely Motherhood The Real Deal to produce an A-Z of Me. Which i found surprisingly easy! Enjoy..

A is for Ashley

The man i am marrying, Betsy's Daddy, my rock!

B is for Betsy

My frustrating, irritating, whiney but beautiful girl. The love of my life.

C is for Clumsy

I am the most clumsiest person. This is fact. Just the other day i stood up from the sofa, barefooted, and in a spectacular fashion slide across the carpet landing on my knee which was bruised and carpet burnt as a result. 

D is for Depression (and anxiety)

A massive rubbishy part of my life.

E is for Eating

 I love to eat, i am at my most happiest when i am eating. Especially if it is chocolate. 

F is for Flowers

I love having flowers bought for me. Luckily Ashley seems to like buying them for me too!

G is for Glasses

I am shockingly short sighted without them!

H is for Housework

I absolutely despise it, which is plain to see the second you step into my house!

I is for In-laws

I have the loveliest in laws ever. I feel very very lucky!

J is for Jelly

I try my hardest to like it but i just don't. And it makes me so sad!

K is for Kitchen roll

Bit of an odd one, but i get through an alarming amount of kitchen roll. I use it for everything in the kitchen.

L is for Labour

I hate the think/talk about it, i don't care what anyone tells me, i will never forget about that!

M is for Migraines

I have awful awful migraines, i hate them so much!

N is for Notebooks

I love notebooks. I am very old fashioned in that i prefer writing something down on paper then typing it into my phone etc.

O is for Organisation

I am shocking at being organised. I like to think i am amazing, but i'm really not.

P is for Phone

It is always with me, i rely on it a ridiculous amount!

Q is for Quavers

Since having Betsy i am never far from a bag of them!

R is for Reading

I love reading, i used to read such a lot when i was younger but, apart from blogs, i rarely read anything now! I would love to start again.

S is for Sponge

Sponge is one of my favourite words. It is just such a good word. Sponge. 

T is for Tea

I love a good cup of tea, it solves everything.

U is for Umbrella

I once had one shut on my head in front of everyone at a crossing. I am always wary of them now!

V is for Vaseline

This stuff is magic. It can be used for so many things, from sorting out unruly eyebrows to getting a too tight ring off of your finger!

W is for Wedding

Mine will be taking place in December!!

X is for Xylophone

I'll be honest, i really couldn't think of anything for X. It's a tricky word! Although i did buy Betsy one for Christmas, so actually it could work...?

Y is for YouTube

This has saved my life so many times. In the night garden, Baby Jake, Mr Tumble.... The list is endless. I owe so much to this website!

Z is for Zzzz's

I love sleep, but i definitely do not get nowhere near the amount i should. I think i would sacrifice almost anything for sleep.

And that's me! 


  1. Brill post :) thank you for the nomination lovely.
    I too want more zzzzz

  2. Love this! You are so nice to your fiance. My hubby got in a strop as he wasn't c for Chris! Lol x

  3. Trust me! She isn't nice to me 99% of the time!

  4. Interesting list. I didn't know Ashley is a male name too. It sucks that you deal with depression and anxiety and migraines. I so understand eating helps you get through them (though some foods might trigger a migraine). Oh and have a happy wedding in case I don't read your blog until December, LOL.

  5. This is really a wonderful post.