Sunday, 12 April 2015

50 Happy things

Thank you Kirsty over at Something Crunchy Mummy and Morna at Awesome Austerity for my 50 happy things nomination!

At first i was a bit concerned that i wouldn't be able to think of 50 things that make me happy.... Which sounds a bit bad! However once i got started i found it hard to stop at 50!! Which i was pleasantly surprised at!

So here are my 50 happy things! 

1. Betsy (except when she is being a monster)
2. Ashley (except when he is being a monster)
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Chocolate
6. Blogging
7. Flowers

8. Tea in lovely mugs 
9. My Karcher window vac (truly life changing, if you haven't got one - get one!)
10. Shopping
11. Clean bedding
12. Baths
13. Candles
14. Instagram (everything looks so pretty)
15. Painted nails
16. Pizza
17. Sleeping
18. Frogs
19. Sweet chilli sauce
20. My wedding dress
21. The smell of Flash bathroom cleaner 
22. Socks
23. Lovely new notebooks and pens
24. My iPhone
25. Biscuits
26. A good book
27. Eating out
28. Good hair days
29. Feeding ducks
30. Ikea
31. Old songs....... like this one! (Don't judge me!)
32. Disney films
33. Cake
34. Washing drying on the line 
35. Long drives
36. McDonalds
37. Winter
38. Betsy's nap time

39. Date nights
40. Photographs
41. Pasta
42. Family days out
43. Taylor Swift
44. Buying house stuff
45. Cuddles
46. Betsy being happy
47. A tidy home
48. Jumpers
49. Cushions
50. Cake

Now i nominate 

Lianne at One of each kind

Rachel at Mummy in training


  1. Brilliant idea, I shall get right on it ;-)

  2. you like cake that much you put it down twice :) don't worry I love cake this much too haha!
    thanks for the nomination i'm in the process of doing mine now, its tricky isn't it x