Monday, 20 April 2015

A new house, a sickness bug and a chest infection.

As anyone who has interacted with me in any way shape or form over the last couple of weeks will know, this week we moved house. After weeks of ignoring it and pretending it wasn't going to happen, it happened. We packed up and moved every single thing we owned in a record breaking two days, due to our incredible lack of organisation and motivation. 

Monday: I awoke with a sense of impending doom. The packing could no longer be put off. I remained in denial for as long as i possibly could, right up until Betsy went down for her nap at 10am. The kitchen was first. We went around cupboard by cupboard, chucking it all in boxes, then putting the boxes into the car. Once the car was full, we went to the new house and unpacked it all. Once the kitchen was done, we moved on to the lounge. Then Betsy's bedroom, then our bedroom, then the bathroom. My mind was blown by how much stuff we had accumulated. Bloody heavy stuff.  I was pregnant when we moved last, which therefore meant i sat and did nothing. I have now declared that under no circumstances are we to move again, unless i am pregnant. Which is not going to happen, ever. 
I was so exhausted by the evening that i went to bed without tea, having no energy to even be hungry in the first place, let alone eat. I got into bed with Betsy, telling myself that at last the final night of sharing a bed with her was upon us. For tomorrow, we would be in our magical house, the answer to all of our problems (MORON).

Tuesday:  There was no time for procrastinating, for today was officially MOVING DAY. Yet procrastinate i did. All that was left by this point was the big things that were going in the big van (bed, fridge, washing machine, sofa etc) and the crappy little bits that i couldn't be bothered to deal with. Shoes, coats, phone chargers, laptops, toys, washing.... all loitering about the house. Cue lots of moaning from Ashley for me to do stuff, and lots of whining from me that i didn't want to. Betsy was carted off by her Auntie Dan Dan at 10ish, the same time as the moving men arrived. And soon the house was empty. Everything was gone. All that was left was the one thing i was dreading the most. Cleaning I despise cleaning more then i could ever put into words. The amount of dust and grub that remained once everything was out of the house was unbelievable. I had help in the form of my fabulous cleaning fanatic mother in law, who if I'm honest takes an awful lot of the credit. (OK all of it!)
Finally we were in. We had done it. The Big Move of 2015 was complete. I was elated and relieved. And a little bit chuffed that we had managed to come across such a beautiful house to rent. That evening we decided to have a celebratory indian takeaway. Off Ashley went to collect it. I waited eagerly for my takeaway, when suddenly an awful wave of nausea washed over me. I told myself i was just exhausted. I was tired. I sat and waited. And the longer i waited, the worse the sick feeling became. Along with a horrible stomach crampy feeling of what i shall simply refer to as "bad tummy". And before i knew it i was camped out in the bathroom. No indian takeaway for me.

Wednesday: I spent the entire night Wednesday throwing up. Right up until about 6am. I don't think i slept at all. It was bloody awful. Nothing could be kept down. And then once the sickness did start to subside, I still felt shit. We had planned a day of fun and frolics shopping for things for our lovely new house, all of which was now out of the window. I was so ridiculously angry at the situation. How dare i have a sickness bug the first night and day in my new house.  Desperate to salvage something, we made an attempt to go to one shop late afternoon. Surely i could manage that. However........ I made the fatal mistake of eating something. 
After a mad dash to the loo in the shop, i waited in the car, defeated. Off home we went. 
I did nothing for the rest of that day except exist. Betsy turned into a nightmare, crying and howling and coughing and spluttering everywhere, she really waste well bless her. I convinced myself it was Croup, as she had a croupy sort of cough. She didn't go to bed until very late as she was in such a state, and was very unsettled in the night....

Thursday:  ....Which along with me still not feeling great resulted in me phoning in sick for my shift which was due to start at 7am. Now, this would have been fine, had it not been for the fact that only a week beforehand i was telling my senior how i really could have done with this day off of work due to moving. Which then led to someone piping up with "Well if you phone in sick we'll all know why...!" What were the chances...?!

Anyway, i then rang the doctors for Betsy and got an appointment. Betsy was still a total grump, wouldn't be put down or anything. The pair of us were a right sorry sight. 
Off we trotted to the doctors, Betsy had her chest listened too and ears and throat checked, and then given a diagnosis of nasty chest infection. I couldn't believe it, seeing as she had only had one a few weeks ago. I also felt awful, as i had noticed she had developed a bit of a cough and a runny nose and stuff over the last couple of days, but with everything else going on i didn't really pay it any attention. She was prescribed antibiotics. We went home and spent the rest of the day sat on the sofa under a blanket watching tv. We had an hour and a half long nap together at 3.30pm, normally far too late for Betsy to nap but i'd given up caring by this point! Betsy was understandably being a right madam, she was also refusing to take her antibiotics, choosing to spit it all out. She ignored my "You won't get better if you don't take your medicine" lecture. Ashley cheered me up by ringing me on his way home from work to say he was picking up a new table/chairs/parasol combo for the garden, and a BBQ. But most importantly, he had got me a present!! 

A dust buster. Not sure how to feel about this, although i did say back along i wanted one so i am grateful!!

Friday: I went off to work. Exhausted, tired, stressed and a little bit fed up at our bad luck this week. I felt totally burnt out, because i'd had no time to rest and catch up with everything. It has been one thing after another. Along with all of this, there has been all of the other little bits that come with moving into a new house to deal with. However, i can safely sat it has most definitely been worth it all. Our new house is beautiful.

You may be wondering where Betsy's nighttime antics come in. I have decided to out this in a different post, as this one was more then long enough!!


  1. Wow! What a week. Poor you. I remember the horrors of moving. We did it 18 months ago. Sounds like you got through it and it was worth it in the end though. From what I can see your new house DOES look beautiful.

  2. Poor old you! At least you are in and you love your house though. Looking forward to hearing how Betsy is going in her new room - wasn't there a pic on FB of her napping in her own bed or did I make that up?

  3. That sure is a very long and tiring week for you. I guess moving in a new house really requires a lot of time and energy, specially when you have a lot of things to transfer. Well, I hope that you are all settled well in your new house and I also hope that you wouldn't get sick again. Have a great day!

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

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