Monday, 2 March 2015

A good end to a cr*p week.

Regular readers of my blog will know that last week was a CRAP WEEK. It was full of sleep depravation and illness. I couldn't wait for it to be over.
I was worried about how I would be when it was over.
Well, I am fine. Still a little tired, but that's it. There is no depression trying to pull me under. Admittedly on Friday I started to feel like it was starting to show itself, but I muddled through and everything was ok.
Some of you may have noticed I had a fabulous girls night out on Saturday! I was ridiculously excited about this. It is the only thing that kept me sane last week. I don't have many nights off since I had Betsy.
I had work until 3pm on Saturday, which meant I had not a lot of time to sort myself out. I had nothing to wear. I am so incredibly out of touch with what is 'fashionable' these days. There is no way I would ever consider wearing a crop top, a thing that I often see the cool kids wearing. Those are possibly the least mum-tum friendly item of clothing in the world. Incidentally a participant of the girls night out, my friend Mel, wore one, and it looked amazing on her. She is not a mum.
After a mad dash to a couple of shops after work, I was still outfitless. I decided to just pack my least mumsy outfits and get the girls to help me decide. I had been given permission to leave the house at 6pm, before bedtime. Something that I was pleasantly surprised at. Simply because I'm not sure there has ever been an occasion on which I have let Ashley do this. It is an unwritten rule in our house that he does not leave the house till after bedtime. So I was very lucky. It made me wonder if perhaps I should consider doing the same for Ashley in the future (not likely).
It was eventually decided that I would wear my skort (aka man shorts) with a black top and black jacket. Fab. We were ready.
A fabulous night was had by all. Nothing really stands out about it, apart from the girl who continually treated us to a view of her undercarriage by sitting opposite us in a short dress with her legs unbelievably akimbo. And the fact that the place was full of people who looked no older then about 15, leaving me and my friend open mouthed in flabbergastednness on a few occasions. I also remember exclaiming "How is this music?!!" more then once. I have literally never felt so old.
Eventually we all made it home at 4am. Yes that's right, 4am!!! Largely due to the fact that one of the party was ever so slightly worse for wear and lost her ticket for her coat, meaning she had to stay until closing time and for everyone to leave so that it could be located.
Once home, I walked in to my room to find Ashley snoring, and Betsy lying horizontally across my side of the bed with her head hanging off. I crawled in and had a lovely sleepy cuddle with my girl, feeling so very lucky that I have these two to come home to. Well, maybe not so much the snoring Ashley.
The next morning, This happened.
But surprisingly I didn't feel overly awful. And it was so worth it.


  1. You are very lucky and don't you forget it xx

  2. Even the thought of going out for a night makes me feel tired. We've had one 'late' night since Isaac was born, and that was NYE. Except we didn't even leave our own house! And only lasted til around 1AM, and it messed us up for the whole first week of 2015.

    We're out for dinner with pals this Saturday and I just know come about half 9 my wife and I will be looking for the cheque and making our excuses.

    1. Ha! I can count on one hand the number of late nights I have had since Betsy has been born, don't be fooled by this! It was very nearly the end of me.
      Hope neither of u fall asleep into your dinner on Saturday ;) xx

  3. In my opinion a proper night off also includes the abandoned parent getting up with the kids the next day. I let my hubby go to a stag a few weeks ago which left me a single parent for the whole of Sunday! I'm glad you had a good time :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Yes that is usually what happens when Ashley goes out, the next day is a total write off. Clearly I can handle myself a little better then him though as I still manage to carry on the next day! xxx

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